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 [YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 5

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PostSubject: [YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 5   Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:32 pm

Hello Everyone, its DuskMage with another part of the deck building guide. Sorry its been awhile since I posted I got sidetracked. As usual let me know if I miss anything important and enjoy!

Staples and Techs
Staples and techs are cards that mostly personal preference. A staple is card that you feel is required in every deck. Some common meta examples include Mystical Space Typhoon, Vanity's Emptiness and Upstart Goblin. They typically either add consistency or provide support. I personally have few staples, but that's mostly because I play agressively and need most of my deck to add consistency or make plays happen. Staples typically end up in the main deck

A tech is a much more optional card one runs to handle something. Unlike staples, techs mostly end up in the side deck. Some tech cards include Neo Spacian Grand Mole, Shadow-Imprisoning and Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Mirror Force, and Anti-Spell Fragrance. They are typically meant to counteract something you have trouble with.

That feeling when your opponent activates Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell on your gem-knight fusion/qliphorth scout/ mask change.  
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[YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 5

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