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 Rules for Deck Showcase

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PostSubject: Rules for Deck Showcase    Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:14 am

Rules for Deck Showcase

  • You are only allowed to Bump [Bring Up My Post] a topic once per day and the bump must provide actual content.

  • There is zero tolerance regarding flaming/trolling. If you have nothing important to say / nothing to say that contributes to the topic / deck at hand, try not to post. Offenders may/will be warned/suspended.

  • No spamming in this forum. We are a bit more lenient on this rule compared to others, but multiple offenders will be warned.
  • You may not post a video/song with autoplay on your deck thread. You will be instantly warned if you break this rule.
  • Posting FIRST! or anything similar in a deck thread = warn.
  • Do not post joke/troll decks. They will be immediately locked and you will receive either a verbal or a formal warning.

  • If you submit your deck as image files, please also accompany it with a text decklist. We dont like your image hosts dying, some images aren't clear, etc. Just take the time to type it out.

HERE is a good example of a deck showcase topic.

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Rules for Deck Showcase

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