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 [YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 4

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PostSubject: [YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 4   Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:08 pm

Hello everyone, its DuskMage again with the next part of the deck building guide. As usual enjoy and let me know if I missed anything important in today's topic.


This goes with consistency quite a bit, but I felt it was important enough to be its own topic. The basic concept of synergy is that your cards work well together. A deck with good synergy typically has cards working hand in hand with various combos. A deck with bad synergy feels as though all of its cards are seperated and don't play a part in the bigger picture. Synergy can be hard to explain so I'll just give some good examples of synergy.

Malefics work incredibly well with the Deck Devastation Virus and Eradicator Epidemic Virus. Since all the Malefics meet the requirements for these cards, you can put them in just about any Malefic deck with ease. Another card that has good synergy with Malefics is Skill Drain. Malefics(with the exception of Paradox Dragon and Parallel Gear) when out on the field, are the only monsters that you control able to attack due to their effects. Skill drain gets over this and allows you to run cards like Beast King Barbaros and Goblin Attack Force without their negative side effects. Another example of synergy is the HAT deck(Hands, Artifacts, Traptrix). I honestly can't explain this one to you but its one of those things that just works in yugioh for some stupid reason. As a final note, their are draw power cards that require synergy. Some examples of this include Allure of Darkness, Trade-In, Cards of Consonance, and Heart of the Underdog, just to name a few.

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PostSubject: Re: [YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 4   Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:27 pm

The series of articles are coming along nicely, keep it up.


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[YGO] Deck Building Guide Part 4

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