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 [Poké] Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke: Chaos's Cold Heights; Part 1: Opening

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PostSubject: [Poké] Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke: Chaos's Cold Heights; Part 1: Opening   Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:59 am

"Xeno! Get your butt up! It's almost noon and you haven't done anything!"
Xeno hated when his mother go like this. It always ended with him being thrown into the pond next to his house.
"Why should I be active? You won't let me have a Pokemon, meaning I can't go anywhere or do anything safely unless you or Chesire are with me."
"That's why I want you up today, an old friend of mine contacted me saying she wanted to give you a pokemon. She sent her assistant here, all the way to Aspertia City to give you one. Now get yo---"
"Your kidding!"
"No I'm not. Not get dressed so you can find the assistant. Her name is Bianca and she wears a big green hat. Chesire will be escorting you on the condition that you help him with something."
"Okay I will."
Xeno got dressed rather quickly and went outside. Chesire was there and took him to Bianca.
"Pick one of the Three pokemon Xeno." Bianca said, "They're all really sweet things that need some attention."
Xeno picked the Tepig. When he let it out of the Pokeball he was shocked.
"Will you be my friend mister?" said the Tepig.
"Of course I'll be your friend." Replied Xeno after getting over his initial shock of seeing the Tepig talk. "What's your name?"
"I don't have a name." Tepig replied.
"Well that won't do at all, I think I'll call you Garnet".
"Thanks for the name mister, what's your's?"
"That's a co--"
Suddenly a man in a black jumpsuit came up and attacked Xeno using his Oshawott.
The battle that ensued was a typical beginner's battle. Nothing noteworthy happened. Afterwords, some more appeared with stronger Pokemon. Bianca faced them while Xeno and Chesire went to take care of their family.
When Xeno got home it was deadly quiet. "Mom?" He asked, "are you there?" He suddenly stepped on something unfamiliar and looked down. He screamed in shock and began to cry. It was his mother's corpse, along with the corpse of her partner Pokemon, Dragonair. He noticed a note on top of her. It read "Let this be an example of what happens to all who oppose Team Plasma." Xeno, now motivated by revenge, departed from Aspertia City with Chesire to find his mother's killer.

The remaining
Garnet the Tepig

That feeling when your opponent activates Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell on your gem-knight fusion/qliphorth scout/ mask change.  
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[Poké] Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke: Chaos's Cold Heights; Part 1: Opening

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