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 Robin Bachofner on Card Strategies – “Fun for Game? #2″

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PostSubject: Robin Bachofner on Card Strategies – “Fun for Game? #2″   Robin Bachofner on Card Strategies – “Fun for Game? #2″ EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 9:53 am

Hey Guys, welcome to the second article of Fun for Game. Today I am going to write about a deck which got support in Secrets of Eternity. I am not talking about the popular decks like Shaddoll or Burning Abyss, I am talking about Dragunity. Dragunity was in the September 2013 format a common deck you faced at bigger tournaments, as it had a really good synergy with the Dragon Rulers as also Dragon Ravine. Unfortunately, the Dragon Rulers were the main reason for the ban of Dragon Ravine, which was the ultimate consistency card of the deck. But before I go deeper into the deck, let me present you my deck.
Robin Bachofner on Card Strategies – “Fun for Game? #2″ Deck
Important Note: I decided to go for a pure OTK version, as I do not see a reason to play it as a control deck which would be also possible.
Dragunity works more or less around Dragunity Dux and Dragunity Phalanx. Dragunity Dux can equip itself with a Dragunity Dragon Monster Level 4 or lower from your Graveyard. Dragunity Phalanx is (surprisingly) a Dragon Monster and has the effect of special summoning itself from the Spell- and Trapzone. So basically every Dux turns in a Level 6 or Level 8 (If you go into Vajrayana which has more or less the same effect as Dux) Synchro. That is quiet impressive if you turn a simple Normal Summon into a Crimson Blader, Goyo Guardian or Scrap Dragon! The main problem to achieve this combo is that you need to have a Dux in Hand and a Phalanx in your graveyard. Luckily Dragunity’s have their own Synchro which can fix this problem: Dragunity Gae Dearg. Once per turn, it let you search any Dragon or Winged-Beast monster level 4 or lower from your Deck to your hand. Afterwards, you have to discard a Dragon or Winged-Beast Monster. This card is really tricky, as it can search you a Dux and discard a Monster that has actual benefits in the graveyard, like a Dragon Ruler Tempest, Zephyros or a Phalanx. However, to get Gae Dearg on field, you need a Dragon Tuner and Winged-Beast non-Tuners.

Phalanx and Dux would meet this restriction ideally, but as you will not have always these two, you need to fill your deck with other Level 2 Dragon Tuner Monsters and Level 4 Winged-Beasts. For the Winged-Beasts you have a whole range of options. Zephyros is a staple in my opinion, as it is needed in almost every cool combo (I will show one of them later on). Garuda, the Wind Spirit is also more or less a staple, as it does not need the important Normal Summon. Instant Fusion goes in the same category as you can summon Mavelus from your extra deck. To get the Tuner was until Secrets of Eternity really hard, as you had 4 options to get it. One was, Foolish Burial to send it to the Grave, Tempest got you 2 possibilities by either discard it together with a Wind monster OR banish it (Gold Sarcophagus is your friend here) and draw the Tuner of course. Now, we have the fantastic new card Dragunity Spear of Destiny, You can only equip it to a Dragunity Monster and it gains 100 ATK X its Level. Does not sound impressive up to now, right? Well, it has a second effect which makes it an immediate staple for the deck. Once per turn, you can equip any Dragon Dragunity Monster from your deck to the equipped monster! It is like a Reinforcement of the Army for Dragunity! Mainly this card increase the consistency of the deck, but it has so much more to offer, due to its combo potential.
For example: You need a Dux and a Spear in your Hand and a Phalanx in your Graveyard.

  • Normal Summon Dux equips it with Phalanx.
  • Special Summon Phalanx
  • Synchro Summon Gae Dearg.
  • Use its effect to add Zephyros to your Hand and discard it immediately.
  • Equip Spear to Gae Dearg and equip another Phalanx from your Deck to Gae Dearg.
  • Special Summon Phalanx.
  • Use the effect of Zephyros to bounce Spear and Special Summon it.
  • Synchro Summon Vajrayana and equip Phalanx.
  • Special Summon Phalanx.
  • XYZ Summon Atum with Gae Dearg and Vajrayana.
  • Special Summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon with the effect of Atum (detach Gae Dearg).
  • Special Summon Gae Dearg with Red Eyes.
  • Use the effect of Gae Dearg to add Garuda to your hand, discard Spear.
  • Special Summon Vajrayana with Phalanx and Garuda and use the effect to equip Phalanx.
  • Use the effect of Vajrayana to boost it to 3800.
  • Overlay Atum with Gaia Dragon Thunder Charger.

So you turned 3 cards into a Field of Gae Dearg, Gaia Dragon, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and a 3800 ATK Vajrayana. That is an immense Damage of 8800! If you still have to go to the Main Phase 2 you can overlay the 2 Level 6 Dragons to another powerful Rank 6 XYZ like M7. There are plenty of other combos, but I would have to write probably 2 days to write down all of them. I rather explain some of the “special” card choices in the deck.
For the monsters we have the staples with 3 Dux, 3 Phalanx, 3 Mystletainn (this one is debatable, I like 3, other players prefer 2), 1 Legionnaire and 1 Aklys as the Dragunity Core along with 2 Garuda, 1 Tempest, 1 Zephyros and 1 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. I play a second Aklys to open more frequently with a Level 2 Tuner and also have enough targets for cards like Cards of Consonance.

Moreover, I play 1 Dragunity Militum as another Dragunity Level 4 Monster target for the Dragunity Spear. Also he can open some plays with Aklys, if you do not have access to Phalanx.
For the Spells it is more interesting to talk about some choices I did not choose to play. For example I do not play Upstart Goblin as you have a lot of OTK combos which takes between 8000 and 8800 Life Points. So you would give your opponent an extra turn, which can turn around everything. As I try to play as aggressive as possible, the deck can profit from the “return” of cards like Raigeki or Snatch, as they give the deck a bigger chance of OTKing your opponent. This point also explains why indo not play Soul Charge. Don’t get me wrong, Soul Charge is probably the best card ever printed, but it does conflict with the strategy of the deck. It is actually only good turn 1 and that only if you already have some combo pieces. I rather used the space to deal with problems. Your biggest issue is normally, that you get stopped at some point from the big amount of good backrow cards at the moment (Vanity’s Emptiness, Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss, Skill Drain, etc.). To prevent this I maxed out Night Beam and Mystical Space Typhoon to give your combos a higher chance to resolve.
The Extra Deck does not give you a lot of space for innovations. Some words should be said probably to Trident Dragon, which opens you a lot of OTK’s due to his effect. Mostly, I still try to avoid him, as he is pretty useless if you failed to OTK your opponent.
Normally, I am not a big fan of traps in OTK decks, as you try to go off every turn. However, it is, in most of the pure OTK decks) a necessary evil to play Reckless Greed, as you get more cards to work with.
And that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any ideas, how to improve the articles or if you have a deck I should feature, write it down in the Comments. Until the next time

Author: Robin Bachofner
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Robin Bachofner on Card Strategies – “Fun for Game? #2″

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