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 Piran Asci on Game Psychology – “How to test right”

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Piran Asci on Game Psychology – “How to test right” Empty
PostSubject: Piran Asci on Game Psychology – “How to test right”   Piran Asci on Game Psychology – “How to test right” EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 9:56 am

"An easy way how to get good at Yu-Gi-Oh! fast aka. how to play test properly"

Today I wanna talk about "An easy way how to get good at YGO fast".

Just some suggestions and points I wished I’d done before when I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh!.

It’s a article that aims all the beginners out there who want to start their Yu-Gi-Oh! career but maybe also the intermediate skilled players who are willing to improve their skills.

An easy way to become good fast is play testing a lot!

What is play testing?

Different to just playing a deck play testing is playing a deck systematically to figure out it’s place in the current meta game.

I’ll give you a quick example: You want to know how strong Shaddolls are at the moment.

First of all, instead of playing your own fancy versions of that deck, just go ahead and copy some top cut YCS deck lists. Especially when you’re a beginner: Just net deck first, mostly there is a reason for these decks being in that top cut.

Find yourself a player you can test with, not just an opponent to play against. He should be at least at your skill level or better. It’s important that he let’s you take back your misplays.

Now you have your own deck and an opponent to play with.

What’s next?

Take notes. Don’t just go through all the games quickly. Try to reflect each game, maybe take some time and discuss critical situations of the previous game with your partner.

Also you need to differentiate relevant matches from the non relevant once. For example if you lose a game due to a top decked Black Luster Soldier while you were on a huge advantage, maybe it’s not so clever to count that game to your statistic. On the other side if your opponent for example draws 10 out of 10 traps in a row and you win, you better think about giving your deck the responsibility for winning that game. (Again: take notes!)

After you played some games, that means at least 10 to 20 against all top tier decks, and understood the important patterns, try to change the whole list. Don’t just make some occasional changes, because how do you know that this version of the deck you picked first is the best one? Just take a completely different version of that deck. For example when you play tested Shaddoll-Artifact go ahead and try Denko-Shaddoll instead by doing the same routine. You will realize that you’ll need less and less time to figure out what works and what not.

Once you got a solid base we want to hit the details. I see a lot of guys going directly to the details almost skipping the previous part, so don’t jump on the details first. You found the list that works best for you, now try to change one or two cards that could be replaced by better and stronger cards in your opinion. Then validate your idea, again by playing against all those decks.

Note: this part will take you the longest cause you simply need a bigger amount of games until you are able to evaluate your change’s benefit our maybe disadvantage.

To sum up the main steps:

  •   Net deck a deck type you want to test.
  •   Get yourself a partner with a skill level equal or better than yours.
  •   Play at least 10 duels against each of the top tier decks.
  •   Make notes.
  •  Change your list completely to figure out the best version of your deck.
  •  Focus on the details and try to calibrate.

These steps will not only give you the practice you need as a beginner, but also bring your insight into the game to a new level when it comes to deck building.

I hope you guys enjoyed that short article, please share and like this article if you haven’t already and thanks for reading, peace.
Author: Piran Asci
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Piran Asci on Game Psychology – “How to test right”

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