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 [YGO] TCG Ultimate Duelist Series

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[YGO] TCG Ultimate Duelist Series Empty
PostSubject: [YGO] TCG Ultimate Duelist Series   [YGO] TCG Ultimate Duelist Series EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 9:47 pm

Konami has announced a new event structure for the TCG, but with a catch: You need to earn your way into it.

Twice a year, Konami will be holding the Ultimate Duelist Invitational in the Summer and Winter, for the title of Ultimate Duelist.

However, to gain entry into this event, you need to win or place well in official Konami approved events or Judge for Konami approved events, which not only includes current events like Dragon Duels, YCS, and OTS events, but also the new UDS Qualifiers.

For more information, please check here


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[YGO] TCG Ultimate Duelist Series

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