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 [YGO] Nekroz Discussion

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"Nekroz" (Necloth in OCG) is an archetype of WATER monsters that debuted in Booster SP: Tribe Force with further support in Secrets of Eternity.

They're a clan that perfected magical rituals to weave the power of legendary monsters into armors via a magical mirror, and clad themselves into them. This power allows them to even control the power of the "Ice Barrier Dragons".
The archetype is based on Ritual Summoning humanoids that are wearing armor modeled after deceased monsters. The "Nekroz" monsters are based on monsters from Duel Terminal archetypes, such as "Ice Barrier", "Gishki", "Mist Valley", "Ally of Justice", and "Fabled", and have similar effects; also,
the Ritual Monsters are counterparts of existing Synchro monsters from the aforementioned archetypes whose Levels range from 3 to 10.

Archtype Cards:

Cards to consider:

Playing Style

Nekroz is an archetype that relies on Ritual Summoning. Its Ritual Monsters are counterparts of existing Synchro Monsters and feature similar effects. The Effect Monsters serve as conventional ritual support, either fulfilling tribute requirements or fetching key cards to maintain consistency.

Primarily, the "Nekroz" Ritual Monsters bear high ATK or DEF and a strong effect similar to that of their Synchro counterparts. The effects of those ones with Level from 3 to 6 are used to suppress monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck, while the effects of those ones whose Levels range from 7 to 10 give to the player more card advantage, either by destroying and/or banishing other cards or letting the player draw cards. In addition, all of them feature a second ability that can be activated by discarding them; these effects range from protecting and empowering your Nekroz monsters to reviving them and searching for Spell/Trap Cards. This remarkable property alleviates the recurring problem with Ritual monsters becoming dead draws when the player does not have means of Ritual Summoning them. Also, the monsters (with the exception of "Unicore" and "Clausolas") have restrictions on the materials that can be used for their Ritual Summons.


Despite its versatility, all "Nekroz" Ritual Monsters are primarily vulnerable to effects that shut down on-hand effects, such as "Mind Drain", "Debunk", etc Aswell as cards that stop you from Speical Summoning such as ''Vanity's Emptiness'', '' Vanity's Fiend'' etc.  "Imperial Iron Wall" can lock your Graveyard from the effect of the Ritual Spell Cards and the effects of "The Nekroz Armor of Valkyrus", "Trishula" and "Decisive Armor". The variety of Types also makes them vulnerable to floodgate cards like "Rivalry of Warlords". Because all "Nekroz" Monsters are WATER, the archetype is vulnerable to effects that specifically target single Attributes, such as that of "Vylon Disigma".
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[YGO] Nekroz Discussion

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