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 [MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS"

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[MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS" Empty
PostSubject: [MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS"   [MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS" EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 11:17 pm

[MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS" 1376679806557

    Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game that combines strategy and fantasy. The premise is this: you play a powerful wizard, called a planes walker, who summons creatures, spells, and weapons to aid you in your destruction of other planes walkers.

    By the time you are done with all 5 parts of this Tutorials you will know enough to start your first Magic The Gathering Game.

    Choose players. Understand that two or more players — but usually only two — square off against one another. You can play games where you fight against two or more players, but the most common way to play is by squaring off against a single player.

    Assemble different cards into a deck. Your deck is your army, your arsenal. In a "constructed" deck — one that you might use to play friends in an informal setting — the minimum amount of cards is 60, with no upper limit. Players, however, usually choose to stick to the minimum of 60 cards.
In a tournament setting, you might play a "limited" deck, which has a minimum number of 40 cards, with no upper limit. A player's 60- or 40-card deck is also called their library.

    At the beginning of each game, have each player draw 7 cards from his or her library. These 7 cards compose a player's "hand." At the beginning of each turn, a player draws one card and adds that card to their hand. If you are not Satisfied with your hand, you can call "Mulligan" and shuffle your hand into your library, and draw 7 card again, each time you Mulligan, you draw 1 less card.
    When a player discards a card, uses a card, or when a creature dies or a spell is destroyed, that card is put in a player's graveyard. The graveyard is a face-up pile that players usually place adjacent to their library.
    Know that each player starts with 20 points of life. During the course of a game, a player can gain or lose life. Generally, having more life is better than having less life.
Players deal "damage" to both creatures and to each other. Damage is dealt either by creatures or by spells. Damage is measured by the number of hit points it causes.
If player one deals 4 damage to player two, player two loses 4 life. If player two started out with 20 life, she now was only 16 life. (20 - 4 = 16.)

    Avoid the three ways a player can lose. A player has lost the game when that player loses all of his or her life, or runs out of cards in their deck to draw, or has 10 poison counters.
When a player's life total is at or below 0, that player has lost.
When, at the beginning of their turn, a player can no longer draw any cards from his or her library, that player has lost.
    When a player has received 10 poison counters, that player has lost. (of course there are mill decks, burn decks, and poison decks)
   Incorporate different colors into your deck:
White: order, protection, light. GOD: Heliod,
Blue: Knowledge, Manipulation, Illusion.  GOD: Thassa
Black: Darkness, Ambition, Death. GOD: Erebos
Red: Freedom, Emotion, Impulse, to do with FIRE. GOD: Purphorus
and Green: Nature, Growth, Instinct. GOD: Nylea

You can even play a deck based on your own personality as a human, as colors can be mixed to create variant of decks with different personalities.)
Read About different Mana and Colors HERE

[MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS" Li31_5ManaSymbols

White is the color of protection and order. The symbol of white is a white orb. White's strengths are a host of small creatures that collectively become powerful; life-gaining; reducing the powers of opposing creatures; and "equalizing" cards that wipe large swaths of cards off the board.

Blue is the color of deceit and intellect. The symbol of blue is a blue water drop. Blue's strengths are drawing cards; taking control of opponents cards; "countering," or negating opponent's spells; and "flying" creatures or creatures that cannot be blocked.

Black is the color of decay and death. The symbol of black is a black skull. Black's strengths are destroying creatures; forcing opponents to discard cards; making player lose life; and returning creatures from graveyards.

Red is the color of fury and chaos. The symbol of red is a red fireball. Red's strengths are sacrificing resources for great power; dealing "direct damage" to players or creatures; and destroying artifacts and lands.

Green is the color of life and nature. The symbol of green is a green tree. Green's strengths are powerful creatures with "trample"; the ability to regenerate creatures, or bring them back from the graveyard; and getting lands faster.

NEXT, we'll talk about the Different Types of Cards....
That's it for now. If you really want to start playing Magic, You can Go Ahead and start reading more about HOW TO PLAY the game HERE

[MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS" 442d073293a1a599d64184535ae035f0-d5lbseu

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[MTG] Getting Started With Magic The Gathering. Part 1 "THE BASICS"

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