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 Rules of TCG Online (Please Read)

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PostSubject: Rules of TCG Online (Please Read)   Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:08 pm

1 ) DO NOT Spam. The following is considered spam:
- Posting messages which contain under 5 words, such as "WTF?!", "lol", "ok", "cool story" and various other messages, subject to Moderator discretion. Not all posts under 5 words are considered spam
- Posting messages which do not have anything to do with the topic and its content
- Double posting. (You may bump your own topics if 24 hours have passed)
- Necro posting. (Posting in threads which have been inactive for 30 days)
- Using a language other than English in your posts.
- When posting a new topic any where other then the main lobby please use the
correct topic tag. https://i.imgur.com/wNlZbf5.png

2 ) Show RESPECT to Staff AND Members. If you have a complaint, send it in a PM to Navitas.

3 ) BACK-SEAT MODERATING is prohibited at all times. If you are caught acting as if you were a part of staff while you are not, you will be punished accordingly. If you want to report a user, please private message a moderator. If you want to report a staff member, please private message Navitas.

4 ) TCG Online is NOT responsible for any offenses committed outside of the forum or the chatbox on TCG Online.

5 ) Advertising is FORBIDDEN without permission from Navitas. If you are caught advertising through our PM system, you will be warned, and then banned, from TCG Online.

6 ) Signature Rules:
Your signature may contain ONLY 2 images besides from userbars

7 ) Creating more than one account for any purpose is prohibited. Exceptions will be made in the case of roommates or family.

8 ) Chatbox Rules. The following is not allowed:
- Usage of inappropriate language, whether it bypasses censors or not
- Posting illegal or sexually explicit content
- Start arguments with other members.
- Harassing other members
- Advertising
- Disrespecting Staff members and/or members
- Posting images without using spoiler tags.
Doing any of the above may be subject to a kick. Repeated offenses will result in bans of varying lengths depending on severity (10 day maximum).

Excessive breaking of ANY of the above rules (except chatbox rules) will result in a Ban.
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Rules of TCG Online (Please Read)

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